A simple and legal way to make your final wishes clear to avoid complications and disputes

Why Having a Will is Important

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If you already have a Will it is important to check it is valid. Equally important is whether it is the appropriate type of Will to ensure your wishes are fulfilled/carried out.

A Will makes your wishes clear and enables you to give your loved one’s financial protection after you die.

A professionally drafted Will is the best way to give you and your family complete reassurance and peace of mind.

In England and Wales if there is no Will in place the law can decide how your estate is divided, and who receives your money, property, and your other belongings. If there are any children under 18, they will also determine who has responsibility for them.


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It is estimated up to 60% of people do not have a valid Will meaning the distribution of their estate is dictated by intestacy law. This could mean that people you care about lose out.

A Will is one of the most important legal documents you will ever sign.


Single Will £125
Mirror Will £250

Key Benefits

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Peace of mind for you and your loved ones, now and in the future

Legally state your wishes

Safeguard the important things for your loved ones

Avoid complications and disputes after you die

Specify who inherits what: money, property & possessions

Avoid the courts deciding who gets what

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