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What is Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)?

Lasting Power of Attorney is a powerful legal document which allows you (the donor) to appoint an individual of your choice (an attorney), to look after your affairs should you no longer wish to make decisions or lack the capacity to manage your affairs yourself

Most people have arrangements in place with Wills and Funeral Plans, which makes it easier when you’ve gone, but you still need to make plans for the unexpected while you’re still alive. A Lasting Power of Attorney will ease the burden on your loved ones should you lose the ability to make decisions in the future.

There are 2 types of LPA

Property and Financial affairs

This allows the Attorney to make decisions about paying bills, dealing with banks and investments, arranging and collecting benefits and selling property on behalf of the Donor

Health and Welfare

This allows the Attorney to make decisions for the Donor such as care issues, where the donor lives and where the donor wishes, giving or refusing consent to life sustaining treatment

What happens if you don’t have LPA?

Financial Concerns

You could become mentally incapable as the result of an accident, illness, a stroke or old age. Without a LPA in place the only way your financial affairs can be managed is by an application being made to the Court of Protection for a Deputyship order

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Medical Dilemmas

You may have had discussions with your loved ones about your wishes should the unthinkable happen regarding life sustaining treatment. Without a LPA in place those wishes may be disregarded and a doctor will decide on your behalf


1 x Person £625
2 x People £995

Middle aged couple

Here’s how it works

Alex suffers an unexpected illness or accident, resulting in a loss of mental capacity.

Without an LPA

Next of kin doesn’t have the legal right to make decisions for Alex.

  • Sole bank accounts are frozen
  • Joint bank accounts may be frozen
  • Bills can’t be paid from Alex’s money
  • Investment decisions can’t be made and any previous authority given to make investments is cancelled
  • Executor is legally & financially liable
  • Property can’t be sold, meaning a cohabiting partner can’t move house
  • Next of kin don’t have the legal right to make decisions about medical treatment
  • Next of kin don’t have the legal right to make personal choices, e.g. for care
With an LPA

Alex puts LPA’s in place for both Financial Health and Care Decisions appointing a representative

  • Alex has legally appointed a representative to make decisions about finances
  • The bank recognises the chosen representatives legal authority and no accounts are frozen
  • Investment decisions can be made by Alex’s representatives
  • Bills can be paid as normal
  • Property can be sold if needed
  • The representative has the legal right to make decisions about Alex’s medical treatment
  • The representative can make personal choices for Alex

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