The most effective way to protect everything you’ve worked hard for

What is a Family Asset Protection Trust?

  • Your will is what you hope to happen, our Family Asset Protection Trust goes a step further
  • It’s your Safety Deposit Box
  • Provides complete protection of your assets meaning you can leave more inheritance
  • Your residential home is placed in a Trust with you in total control
  • You continue to use your assets as normal

How does it work?

  • Each person has their own Trust
  • You can be a Trustee
  • You can nominate other Trustees
  • Land Registry is amended to show the Trustees as Guardians of the Trust
  • The Settlor(s) have the right to remove and replace Trustees

Fees from

1 x Person £3,200
2 x People £3,650

Here’s how it works

Your home is placed in Trust

You can use the asset
in the Trust as normal

You are in total control while you’re alive & have capacity

The Trust is kept active with annual documentation

Any claims against the Trust can be defended

Trustees ensure your beneficiaries receive their inheritance

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